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Converting users into customers takes more than a pretty website: It's a mix of art and science. Every target group thinks differently, has different needs - sometimes surprising ones.

Our Services

Online Marketing - Reach your customers via the Internet
Online Marketing
Increasing online presence addressing the target group
Online Marketing - Reach your customers via the Internet
Online Marketing
Increasing online presence addressing the target group
Digital Marketing - Effective online targeting
Digital Marketing
Grow business, overtake the competition
Digital Marketing - Effective online targeting
Digital Marketing
Grow business, overtake the competition
Campaign Management - Effective planning and execution of your marketing campaigns
Campaign Management
Effective control of marketing campaigns
Campaign Management - Effective planning and execution of your marketing campaigns
Campaign Management
Effective control of marketing campaigns
Conversion Optimization - Increase Your Conversion Rate and ROI
Conversion Optimization
Increase in conversion and sales
Conversion Optimization - Increase Your Conversion Rate and ROI
Conversion Optimization
Increase in conversion and sales
A/B Testing - Optimize your campaigns through split testing
A/B Testing
Optimizing websites with data
A/B Testing - Optimize your campaigns through split testing
A/B Testing
Optimizing websites with data
Social Media Ads - Reach your target group on social
Social Media Ads
Gaining attention and traffic
Social Media Ads - Reach your target group on social
Social Media Ads
Gaining attention and traffic

The web design - what is it?

Web design is more than just designing websites. It's the art of designing and shaping the digital world to connect with our customers and users. It's the opportunity to tell our story and bring our brand to life.

Feel free to take a look at our web design references, where we present our work and show what we can do. Our portfolio will give you an idea of our skills and style and help you decide whether to work with us.

Web design inspiration is the fuel that drives us and helps us to keep coming up with new and innovative ideas. We like to look at other websites and design blogs to discover new trends and techniques to improve our own web design.

In the coming years, many new web design trends - what will web design be like in 2023? - will evolve in web design and we always want to discover new ways to delight our clients. We are always keeping up to date to provide you and your brand with the best web design possible. Let's tell your story together and make your brand a success.

Win new customers through good web design?

It's no secret that a well-designed and user-friendly web design can be crucial for the success of a business. So if you want to attract new customers, you should invest in a professional web design.

An appealing and user-friendly site can help you get more traffic to your site and thus reach more potential customers. However, a professional online appearance is not only seen in the look of your site, but if you also put emphasis on functionality and usability: Good User Experience. You thus create a sense of seriousness and trustworthiness, which can be especially important for new potential customers.

But web design is more than that. It also includes search engine optimization (SEO) to make your site easier to find by potential customers. It also involves adapting to different devices like smartphones and tablets to ensure a smooth user experience - this is called "responsive web design".

From creating a new design to optimizing your existing site, there are many ways you can improve your web presence and attract new customers. Improve your web presence today and wow new customers with a professional and engaging online presence. Investing in your web design can pay off in the long run and help you make your business successful.

Does web design help in finding new employees?

If you are looking for new employees, a professional web design is crucial. An appealing and user-friendly online presence testifies to seriousness and attractiveness for potential applicants.

Investing in your web design can pay off in the long run and help you find the right employees. An appealing and professional online presence can help you receive more applications, giving you the chance to select the best candidates. Improve your web design today and show potential applicants that you are an attractive company that is worth the effort of applying for.

What other challenges can be solved with good web design?

Good web design is not only important for representing your brand and attracting customers' attention, but it can also solve a variety of other challenges. Here are just a few examples:

  • Improve usability: A well-designed website is easy to navigate and provides a pleasant user experience. This can help keep visitors on the site longer and interested in your business.
  • Increase conversion rate: A well-designed website can help more visitors become customers. By using clear call-to-action buttons or a user-friendly checkout page, you can increase the conversion rate of your website.
  • Improving search engine optimization: Good web design also plays an important role in search engine optimization. By using relevant keywords and a clean code structure, you can ensure that your website is found better by search engines.
  • Strengthening the brand: A professionally designed website can help your company appear more reputable and trustworthy. With a consistent design and clear message, you can strengthen your brand and stand out from the competition.

A well-designed website can not only help you attract more customers, but also solve many other challenges. Therefore, invest in a professional web design and see how it can advance your business.

What is the cost of web design?

If you decide to present your business on the Internet, you're probably asking yourself the question, "How much does web design cost?" The answer is: it depends. A professional website can cost from a few thousand euros to several tens of thousands.

But before we commit to a specific amount, we should ask ourselves some important questions:

  • What are your goals with the website? Do you want to present your company, sell products or attract new customers?
  • What functions should the website have? For example, do you need an online store, a customer area or social media integration?
  • How big is your company and how much traffic do you expect on the website?
  • Do you already have an idea of the design you want?

Depending on what demands you place on your website, the price will vary. A website with a few pages and simple features will be significantly cheaper than an extensive platform with numerous features and personalized design.

But before you decide on a particular offer, you should definitely obtain several offers and compare them with each other. Also pay attention to the different quality when you compare the offer of an independent website designer and a web design agency and find out which offer fits best to your needs and budget.

But one thing is for sure: a professional website is an important investment into your business. It helps you attract new customers and strengthen your brand. That's why it's worth investing in a high-quality website, even if it costs a little more.

The best web design agencies

Are you looking for the best web design agency or web designer for your business? Then you are exactly right here!

But how to choose the right web design agency? There are numerous providers on the market, but unfortunately there are also many black sheep that only offer you overpriced services without really being of high quality.

So don't hesitate any longer and choose the best web design agency for your business now! You will not regret it.

Web design advertising agency

A professional web design advertising agency can help you design and optimize your website to fit your business and appeal to your target audience.

A web design advertising agency brings not only creative and professional design, but also the knowledge and experience of how to create a website that is optimized for search engines, making it easier to find. Through targeted advertising campaigns and analytics tools, it can also help you further improve your website and strengthen your online presence.

Web design - What to look out for?

As an entrepreneur and business, you are constantly under pressure to optimize your online presence and keep it up to date. A professional web design software is essential to keep your website up-to-date.

But what should you look for when choosing a web design software (CMS)? First of all, it is important that the software is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface, such as Webflow. You shouldn't have to spend hours learning how to use complex software. Instead, you should be able to make changes quickly and effectively to bring your website up to date.

Why Responsive Design is important

As a business owner, you know how important it is for a website to look good on all devices and be easy to use.

Make your web design responsive! But why is this so important anyway? Well, for starters, more and more of us are surfing the web via mobile devices. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets to get online. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you may lose a lot of potential customers.

With responsive web design, you can make sure that your website looks good on all devices and is easy to use. You don't have to worry about your website looking bad on a smartphone or users having difficulty navigating your website.

But responsive web design is not only important to optimize your website for mobile devices. It is also important to ensure that your website is optimized for search engines. Search engines prefer websites that are optimized for mobile devices, and may rank your website better if it is also optimized for mobile devices.

Web design near you

Are you looking for a professional web design agency near you? Then you are exactly right with us! Our web design agency offers you individual and high-quality solutions for your business.

Whether you are looking for web design in Rosenheim, Frankfurt, Zurich, Landshut, Fürth, Passau, Kempten, Erding, Traunstein or Eggenfelden - we are there for you. No matter where you are, we are always nearby and offer you our full support.

Despite the increasing digitalization and the possibility to collaborate online, we attach great importance to getting to know our customers personally. We want to understand what your goals and wishes are for your website and how we can best implement them. This is the only way we can deliver a result that truly meets your expectations.

Let us advise you and experience the difference of a professional web design agency. We look forward to your inquiry and to helping you implement your web project.

Ulf Nitz

The analytical expertise and advice we were looking for

„revision6 provided us with the analytical expertise and advice we were looking for. Not just making a website that looks good. But realizing a website that reaches the target group in the best possible way. Tobi Huber and his team were pleasant to work with at every stage of the project. Super run! Super result!“
Ulf Nitz
International Service Logistics Association e.V.
Christoph Pössnicker

Very friendly contact and professional cooperation

„We had a great experience with the agency - very friendly contact and professional cooperation. After our request we received a quick response and they offered us alternative and above all creative solutions with which we were able to complete our project in a targeted manner. Highly recommended!“
Christoph Pössnicker
Virtuelle Helden
Christopher Schuller

100% recommendation

„revision6 team completely puts themselves in the client's shoes, tries to understand business processes and develops a perfectly tuned website. 100% recommendation“
Christopher Schuller
Panther GmbH
Official Webflow Partner


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Static Hosting or Content Delivery Network?

The so-called shared hosting on which WordPress and the like run leads to low costs, but only offers a given bandwidth. With a content delivery network - as all modern SaaS CMS have - your data is distributed to hundreds of servers and is available at lightning speed.

What services are included in web design?

It includes those services that you really need. Our offer is tailored specifically for you.

While conception and design are an integral part of any project, you are welcome to contribute text and photos, for example.

What are the running costs of a website?

Running a website, depending on technology and requirements, incurs monthly costs for hosting, software and maintenance.

What exactly does "optimizing a landing page" mean?

Optimizing a landing page basically means making your landing page according to your target audience. You can do it by keeping the ideal buyer persona in mind. Also, AB testing is a great method to find out what methods work for your buyers.

What mistakes should you avoid when designing a website?

Avoid simply taking the cheapest offer - especially if the services you want are not clearly outlined.

What is the typical web design project flow?

After the kick-off meeting - in which all project participants discuss the goals of the project - the initial focus is on analyzing the users: what are they looking for, what do they need, where are they mentally located, how can they be "taken along"?

The analysis results in prioritized requirements for the concept (user experience design). The necessary features, contents and their structure are determined accordingly, and visualized, so that all project participants can get an overview.

After this step, it is also clear which elements must be visually designed, which texts must be written and which images must be created. As soon as all this is done, the website can be programmed.

What does a good website cost? - Webdesign Prices

Counter question: What does a bad website cost? It costs time and money, but above all it costs customers. A "pretty" website that only shows "old wine in new bottles" has no added value for your visitors and therefore for you. You see: You can - purely technically - also set up a new website yourself, but it is often not worth it. Get experts on board.

In fact, the budget for a professional website can vary considerably. Since revision6 does not offer a "one size fits all" package, it ultimately depends on which services we can provide and which set pieces (especially content such as texts, images, illustrations or videos) can be supplied by you as the customer. Our projects usually range from about 5 to 20 t€.

What does a serious web design offer look like?

A good quotation is comprehensible and includes everything that has been discussed. It is clear which services lead to which costs and what they consist of in detail.

Which content management systems (CMS) do you offer?

The programming is done on modern systems such as WordPress, Webflow or Contao. The choice of the right CMS always depends on the conception of the website and your requirements. The choice of the CMS should not be made at the beginning of a project.

We make sure that you get the best possible technical solution for the relaunch of your website, in the sense of "The tool depends on the task, not the other way around." The system is provided to you "turnkey", including personal instruction.

Where can you save money on web design?

Especially in the area of requirements and conception as well as in the creation and maintenance of content you can contribute yourself.

Wanna depend on the developer or rather have built-in corporate-level security?

When choosing an open source solution, you are dependent on the developer's performance. However, with SaaS providers, the security policy is based on different standards. Here, holistic security departments are maintained to best protect the software tool and its associated content.

What's the cost of an initial consultation, and what's the next step towards web design?

We will be happy to advise you on how you can get your new project "on track". In this first meeting you will get to know your personal contact person for the project.

We will collect your requirements and ideas for the project and can clarify various basic issues, so you will then also immediately receive an initial estimate of the time and cost framework. All this is free of charge and without obligation for you. Call or write us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Open-source software and Software as a Service (SaaS), what are they exactly?

Open source software is created by a community on a voluntary basis and is freely available. Software-as-a-Service, on the other hand, is offered and developed by a company "as a service" for a fee.

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