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Digital success is always the same recipe: direct as many visitors as possible to a website, which converts as many of them as possible into paying customers.
What does a serious web design offer look like?

A good quotation is comprehensible and includes everything that has been discussed. It is clear which services lead to which costs and what they consist of in detail.

Best Website Example 2 - Mondu

Mondu takes the hassle out of B2B payments for commerce and marketplaces. With a user-friendly platform, Mondu turns your transactions into growth so you can concentrate on what matters most: running a successful business.

Bad Website Example 3 - Staperior Consulting GmbH

With an outdated and uninspired design, the website's presentation offers little to capture attention.

Static Hosting or Content Delivery Network?

The so-called shared hosting on which WordPress and the like run leads to low costs, but only offers a given bandwidth. With a content delivery network - as all modern SaaS CMS have - your data is distributed to hundreds of servers and is available at lightning speed.

What exactly does "optimizing a landing page" mean?

Optimizing a landing page basically means making your landing page according to your target audience. You can do it by keeping the ideal buyer persona in mind. Also, AB testing is a great method to find out what methods work for your buyers.

What's the cost of an initial consultation, and what's the next step towards web design?

We will be happy to advise you on how you can get your new project "on track". In this first meeting you will get to know your personal contact person for the project.

We will collect your requirements and ideas for the project and can clarify various basic issues, so you will then also immediately receive an initial estimate of the time and cost framework. All this is free of charge and without obligation for you. Call or write us, we look forward to hearing from you.

What mistakes should you avoid when designing a website?

Avoid simply taking the cheapest offer - especially if the services you want are not clearly outlined.

What does a good website cost? - Webdesign Prices

Counter question: What does a bad website cost? It costs time and money, but above all it costs customers. A "pretty" website that only shows "old wine in new bottles" has no added value for your visitors and therefore for you. You see: You can - purely technically - also set up a new website yourself, but it is often not worth it. Get experts on board.

In fact, the budget for a professional website can vary considerably. Since revision6 does not offer a "one size fits all" package, it ultimately depends on which services we can provide and which set pieces (especially content such as texts, images, illustrations or videos) can be supplied by you as the customer. Our projects usually range from about 5 to 20 t€.

What services are included in web design?

It includes those services that you really need. Our offer is tailored specifically for you.

While conception and design are an integral part of any project, you are welcome to contribute text and photos, for example.

What is the typical web design project flow?

After the kick-off meeting - in which all project participants discuss the goals of the project - the initial focus is on analyzing the users: what are they looking for, what do they need, where are they mentally located, how can they be "taken along"?

The analysis results in prioritized requirements for the concept (user experience design). The necessary features, contents and their structure are determined accordingly, and visualized, so that all project participants can get an overview.

After this step, it is also clear which elements must be visually designed, which texts must be written and which images must be created. As soon as all this is done, the website can be programmed.

Bad Website Example 2 - Select Team

Select Team provides HR management services, but this bad website example falls short in terms of design, copy and features.

Wanna depend on the developer or rather have built-in corporate-level security?

When choosing an open source solution, you are dependent on the developer's performance. However, with SaaS providers, the security policy is based on different standards. Here, holistic security departments are maintained to best protect the software tool and its associated content.

Which content management systems (CMS) do you offer?

The programming is done on modern systems such as WordPress, Webflow or Contao. The choice of the right CMS always depends on the conception of the website and your requirements. The choice of the CMS should not be made at the beginning of a project.

We make sure that you get the best possible technical solution for the relaunch of your website, in the sense of "The tool depends on the task, not the other way around." The system is provided to you "turnkey", including personal instruction.

Bad Website Example 1 - p.a. gmbh Prozess Automation Engineering Services

p.a. gmbh may have some innovative software solutions to offer, but their website design and visuals leave much to be desired. It is on top of our bad website examples for several reasons.

Best Website Example 3 - Design Offices

Design Offices has caught our eye as the third one of the best websites examples.

Where can you save money on web design?

Especially in the area of requirements and conception as well as in the creation and maintenance of content you can contribute yourself.

What are the running costs of a website?

Running a website, depending on technology and requirements, incurs monthly costs for hosting, software and maintenance.

Best Website Example 1 - Vencortex

With Vencortex, businesses around the world can confidently make decisions backed by Artificial Intelligence. Featuring a powerful and thorough website that really outlines their offerings and advantages to clients - it's no wonder they earned a top spot on our list of best website examples.

Open-source software and Software as a Service (SaaS), what are they exactly?

Open source software is created by a community on a voluntary basis and is freely available. Software-as-a-Service, on the other hand, is offered and developed by a company "as a service" for a fee.

Christoph Pössnicker

Very friendly contact and professional cooperation

„We had a great experience with the agency - very friendly contact and professional cooperation. After our request we received a quick response and they offered us alternative and above all creative solutions with which we were able to complete our project in a targeted manner. Highly recommended!“
Christoph Pössnicker
Virtuelle Helden
Prof. Dr. Kurt Stockinger

The collaboration was stringently managed and well communicated.

„revision6 took our website to the next level. In the process, the collaboration was stringently managed and well communicated.“
Prof. Dr. Kurt Stockinger
ZHAW School of Engineering
Ulf Nitz

The analytical expertise and advice we were looking for

„revision6 provided us with the analytical expertise and advice we were looking for. Not just making a website that looks good. But realizing a website that reaches the target group in the best possible way. Tobi Huber and his team were pleasant to work with at every stage of the project. Super run! Super result!“
Ulf Nitz
International Service Logistics Association e.V.

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