7 Best techniques to hook your website visitors and generate leads!

Getting ranked by SEO and gaining visibility is one of the most significant achievements for any digital startup. But what if it doesn’t pay off in the end?

Nothing is more disappointing than low-profit gains despite high metrics. Return on investment is measured in money, not the amount of traffic. So, unless your website traffic converts into buyers, your business can hardly be called successful.

Higher traffic should, theoretically, contribute to higher sales. If sales are not high, you're probably failing to win your visitors’ trust. Not one but multiple minor issues contribute to a higher bounce rate and low visitor conversions. You need to fix all the problems that cause visitors to quit without purchasing.

To get visitors to convert and become loyal customers, you need to nurture them. Once you win their trust with visuals, offers, marketing, content, and policies, your customers will go nowhere else to buy.

Let's dive in and discover how to conquer these different departments in your business.

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Are you applying all the marketing tricks?

Are you applying all the marketing tricks?

Marketing can make or break your business. But a few strategic marketing tweaks can attract and convert additional visitors. First of all, you need to study your product and find the unique selling point that hits visitors’ pain points and solves their problems.

Once you find your selling point, you can design your marketing campaign from scratch. Create an ideal buyer persona, and with this in mind, highlight and adapt your product and target your advertising accordingly.

A crucial component of your marketing strategy is A/B testing, during which you present one half of your visitors with Version A and the other half with Version B. After a time, you analyze which one generated more sales. You can test all your marketing campaigns in this way before applying them permanently.

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Create content and connect with your audience. Branding is the first step toward winning trust in customer relationships. Design your home page content, keep it interactive and target your ideal buyers. Add important FAQs. Write concise, informative, apt product descriptions.

Always price your product & services accurately. Keeping your product price in a value range increases sales. The more value for comparatively less cost connects customers with you.

Are you offering incentives or leveraging FOMO?

Are you offering incentives or leveraging FOMO?

Most visitors will choose between you and your competitors based on who offers the best discounts. They will definitely pick you if your introductory offer is better.

These incentives act as a magnet for visitors’ first purchases. The value in your offers makes a strong first impression on visitors. It helps them memorize your brand and increases the chances that they’ll become returning customers.

First-time-purchase incentives create goodwill between you and the customer that you can extend into long-term incentives with reward points and redemption options at the checkout.

Putting a time limit on introductory offers provokes a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) reaction from visitors, creating a sense of urgency and prompting them to buy immediately rather than procrastinating. Marketers who don’t utilize FOMO are missing out on a significant source of income.

Example of FOMO in e-commerce

If you have a SaaS or other service as a product, you can put a time-limited discount on it or any other purchase incentive.

You can also send free samples to build trust within long-term customer relationships. It’s a good idea to add free samples of your other products to each purchase. After testing them, the buyer may be interested in these other products as well. As a SaaS website owner, offering a short free trial is another effective option.

What's the real reason visitors leave your website without converting?

What's the real reason visitors leave your website without converting?

On e-commerce platforms, many visitors scroll the website and add items to the cart but leave without purchasing. If you can fix the reason for this cart abandonment, you will boost your sales and visitor conversion rates.

First, you’ll need to install cart abandonment software designed to recover lost sales by sending automated personalized emails to your cart-abandoning visitors in the hope that they'll come back to buy. 

You should also track your visitors’ pointer movements. In combination, these metrics help you combat cart abandonment issues.

If you have a SaaS or any other service website, you can keep an eye on your visitors’ movements, their focus areas, clicks, and pages they revisit. This should enable you to detect the point that turned them off.

The possible reason could be any complex checkout procedure. Allow visitors to check out as a guest.  If you have a SaaS website, try to keep in touch with your customers via quick and easy means of communication like social media and email.

Build your connections with customers slowly. At first, focus on the first purchase. After the purchase, invite any signup or contact to stay in touch for future offers.

With an e-commerce store, any complex signup process can cause customers to abandon the cart. Add check out progress indicators so visitors can assess how many steps it will take. Try to make it four steps maximum. Add a detailed bill summary with thumbnails and the chosen variations of the product.

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Did you double-check your return policy, payment process, and accessibility?

Did you double-check your return policy, payment process, and accessibility?

If your cart abandonment ratio is very high, you should consider revisiting and revising your return policy. With a flexible return policy, visitors will be less hesitant about buying from you for the first time.

If you have a SaaS website, you should offer a limited-time, money-back guarantee. Putting something like “7-day, money-back guarantee” will help you build your customer base.

Difficulties in the payment process can also hinder the checkout. Make sure you add multiple payment options so that visitors can pay according to their preferred method as far as possible. 

Allowing credit cards only will impact sales. A recent study found that the signing up rate increases when credit cards are not required. So don’t restrict visitors to credit cards.

Provide your visitors with some visual security when they’re paying with cards. Add secured-payment icons and other cybersecurity network connections to gain their trust.

Add an “IF function” to your meta description for those who’ve previously abandoned a cart on your website or left without buying anything. Provide some incentive for them. Whenever they search for related keywords, your website should show them an incentive to complete the checkout process.

Do you offer live chat and the best possible customer support?

Do you offer live chat and the best possible customer support?

When visitors scroll through your website, they will often have questions about your products and services, which, if they can’t get a quick answer, may lead them to leave without making a purchase.

Live chat support enables you to avoid these awkward situations while building and strengthening connections with your customers. You can personalize the interaction, introducing courteous behavior that will win your visitor’s heart.

Ensure that live chat is quick to respond and well versed in all your policies. Provide an immediate response when the visitor needs to know something about the product. This will help you leverage their short attention span and highlight the purchase.

To respond to any complaints about your product, listen carefully. If you are guilty, provide the buyer with some compensatory incentive.

Also, once the order is placed, provide the customer with all the tracking information, including any schedule changes. It is especially important for SaaS websites to keep their customers updated about the progress of their orders.

Proper communication builds long-term customer relationships. Like Amazon, Flipkart, and Walmart, all big companies focus massively on their live chat support and order management.

You should also be alert to your social media handles, which can sometimes be quite tricky, so respond responsibly. Keep your social media handles active, especially if you have a SaaS website. You should never lose a customer by failing to answer their question. Add important FAQs to your service pages for further assistance.

Could a better web design service help you to get a smoother, more eye-catching website?

Could a better web design service help you to get a smoother, more eye-catching website?

The look of your website gives customers their first impression of your business. Companies that don’t prioritize web design lose visitors before they even enter the customer journey funnel.

Design a neat, user-friendly, mobile-friendly, interactive website that gives a good first impression. Keep it eye-catching and elegant, and focus on optimizing your landing pages. 

Come up with a catchy headline and clear CTA to convey your message. Create a customer benefits section. Use phrases like “Why do you need it?” instead of “Why choose us?” Don’t say, “Sign up!” Interact humanly and connect through emotions. Say something like, “Try it for yourself,” “Join us,” or “Download here.”

You must ensure that your landing and about pages are perfectly designed to act as a lead magnet. Add the big numbers of your success. Add an impressive logo and do branding wherever required. 

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Install an SSL certificate to show visitors a secure connection. Put logos and details of your affiliations and registrations in the website footer.

Use demo videos to explain your products and services. Use professional-quality photographs of your product images with a light background and angles that highlight the product. Make sure you show what you deliver. Otherwise, you may disappoint your customers.

Your website should be fast loading. Slow-loading websites turn visitors off faster than anything else. In particular, the loading speed of checkout pages must be high, and switching between cart and product pages should be super-fast.

Hiring a good web design agency will help you with all of these parameters. You can trust our professionals  to design the best first-impression website for your visitors.

Have you tried showing credibility with reviews and influencers?

Have you tried showing credibility with reviews and influencers?
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Last but not least, you should always share reviews of your product. Put customer testimonials on your landing page and highlight the results of your products with them.

Reviews provide buyers with social and mental satisfaction. A touch of social interaction and the knowledge that others found this product beneficial can work wonders.

This is called Word of Mouth psychology. The user finds you trustworthy and reliable. You should never ignore this factor in your business, as it generates leads beyond your imagination.

Many visitors leave the website due to doubts about whether or not  your product or service will work. Social proof counters these doubts.

Testimonials on the checkout page will massively reduce cart abandonment. In the case of SaaS websites, reviews should be on the home page, contact page, and service pages.

Use Instagram influencers. Send them PR packages or provide them with free/discounted services. Let them be your brand ambassador. Targeting multiple micro-bloggers can be really beneficial in this regard. When a visitor hears about you from multiple sources, the chances of trusting and buying from you increase significantly.



If your visitors leave without buying, your website may have multiple turn-off points. This article covers all of them in detail. Once you ensure your website is perfect in all seven of these highlighted areas, you will see your sales skyrocketing. 

When your visitors become your customers, the next step is to make them loyal customers. Caring about the customer experience and rewarding customers with points can help. The secret of a successful business lies in nurturing visitors to become customers and then working on customer loyalty. After all, happy customers build a successful business!