Responsive Webdesign

Websites often struggle with poor user experience on their websites.

Implementing responsive web design can help achieve higher conversion rates and stronger SEO performance.

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Discover your business in the digital age

In the digital age, an attractive, informative and user-friendly website is essential for any business. A website forms the basis for the company's online presence and is therefore an important part of branding, customer acquisition and customer loyalty. A weak online presence can damage the company's image, deter customers and reduce sales. Therefore, it is important that companies invest in this area and use responsive web design.

Responsive web design means that the website is designed in such a way that it is optimally displayed on all devices - from PCs and laptops to smartphones and tablets. Responsive web design ensures that every business can reach a wide audience and improve the user experience on the website. Responsive web design also improves search engine optimization, which makes it easier for potential customers to find the company.

Tough competition: risks and weaknesses of a lack of responsive web design

In our digitized business environment when competition is fierce and a company that does not have an online presence in the same way as its competitors runs the risk of losing its customers to them. Insufficient online presence can harm the business and lead to an increase in the site bounce rate and a decrease in the conversion rate.

Another problem of not having responsive design is that a business is not able to to provide a sufficient mobile experience on the website. This means that potential customers who visit the website with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets may have difficulties surfing and finding information on the website. This can result in customers moving to the competition where they have a better mobile experience.

Your Guide to Success: Our Team of Experts

Our team of responsive web design experts can Helping your business to create an innovative and functional website that meets your unique requirements and needs. We have years of experience and are well acquainted with the latest web design trends, so we can help you get your brand online and attract customers.

Our aim is to offer our customers a tailor-made solution that is tailored to your specific needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure their company is involved at every stage from creation to completion of the project. We bring our creative ideas and technical know-how to find the best solution for every business.

The tailor-made plan: when responsive web design revolutionizes your business

With the decision Responsive web design will help you design a website that is optimally displayed on all devices. Our specialists will analyze your existing website and develop a plan tailored to the specific requirements and needs of your business.

During the process we will work closely with you to ensure that the plan is tailored to your wishes and needs requirements is matched. We use state-of-the-art tools and technologies to develop a responsive website that offers an improved user experience, higher conversion rate and better SEO performance.

The woman is calling revision6.The woman is happy about the results.

Choose your digital triumph now

There are several steps to start the responsive web design buying process. Our team of experts will help you get an accurate idea of what you need and how much it will cost you.

Next, our team will create a customized quote for you, based on your needs and requirements. Once you have accepted the offer, our team will start developing and implementing your new responsive website. We continuously work with you to ensure that the website meets your needs and requirements.

Success stories: How we have led companies to victory

We have already helped many customers to to improve their online presence and be successful on the Internet through responsive web design. Our experts have created and optimized a large number of websites to offer our customers an appealing and user-friendly online experience.

The success factors of our work include a detailed and individual strategy, close cooperation with the customer and continuous review and adjustment to ensure the website is always state of the art.

Avoid the digital disaster - go for responsive web design

A company that doesn't care about an attractive and user-friendly website these days could be at a serious disadvantage compared to the competition. Insufficient online presence can result in the business losing potential customers - and this at a time when more and more people are online.

Responsive web design ensures that your website is displayed optimally on all devices is achieved and your target group is reached. If you don't use responsive web design, you could lose customers who have a poor mobile experience on your site or who have trouble navigating your site.

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Why is responsive web design so important?

Responsive web design is important because it ensures that your website is displayed optimally on all devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. With more and more people turning to mobile devices to find and shop for information, it's crucial that your website provides a good user experience on those devices. Responsive web design also increases the visibility of your website in search engines and can lead to a better conversion rate.

How long does it take to develop a responsive website?

The time it takes to develop a responsive website can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. A simple project can be completed in a matter of weeks, while a complex project can take several months or more. Working with web design professionals who have experience in responsive web design can help speed up the process and ensure that your website is designed effectively and efficiently.

What is the responsive web design development process like?

The development process for responsive web design consists of several steps. First, web designers analyze your current online activities and goals to understand your specific needs. They then conceptualize and develop the website using HTML/CSS and JavaScript to ensure it works on all devices. Finally, the website is tested and optimized before it is published.

Does responsive web design affect the loading time of the website?

Responsive web design can affect the loading time of a website because it aims to make the design and content of the website work optimally on different devices. Typically, when implementing responsive web design, optimization techniques such as responsive image scaling, the use of scalable vector graphics (SVG), and optimization of code and file sizes are employed to minimize web page load time and ensure a fast and smooth user experience.

Eine durchschnittliche Lösung kostet Sie deutlich mehr als eine hervorragende Lösung.

  • Ein durchschnittlicher Auftritt kostet Sie gut zahlende Kunden – und zwar jede Menge.
  • Ein durchschnittlicher Auftritt kostet Sie eine Menge Zeit – bringt Sie letztlich jedoch nicht weiter.
  • Ein durchschnittlicher Auftritt verschenkt Potential – und zwar 24/7.

Durchschnittliche Lösungen sind keine Lösungen – zumindest nicht für Sie.

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An average solution will cost you significantly more than an excellent solution.

  • An average performance will cost you good paying customers - and lots of them.
  • An average performance will cost you a lot of time - but will ultimately get you nowhere.
  • An average performance gives away potential – 24/7.

Average solutions are not solutions - at least not for you.

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Responsive Webdesign

Der Arbeitsablauf kann u.A. aus folgenden Schritten bestehen:

The workflow may consist of the following steps, among others:

  • Analysis & Planning: Determination of the company's requirements, analysis of the current website and creation of a tailor-made concept.
  • Design & Layout: Development of a responsive design and layout that works on different devices and screen sizes is optimized.
  • Coding & Implementation: Programming the website using HTML/CSS and JavaScript to ensure a mobile and user-friendly experience.
  • Testing & Optimization: Checking the website for different devices, browsers and operating systems to identify and fix problems, and then optimize performance.
  • Publishing & maintenance: Bringing the responsive website live and continuously monitoring and updating it to ensure it is always is up to date and meets user requirements.

Für uns bedeutet Erfolg, dass Ihr Onlinemarketing läuft!

Wir wissen das Vertrauen zu schätzen, das unsere Kunden in uns setzen. Schließlich hängt nicht weniger als die Zukunft Ihrer Firma an der Wahl der richtigen Onlineagentur.

Employer Branding
Bleiben Sie stets attraktiv für die qualifiziertesten Bewerber

Sie entscheiden selbst, wo Sie auf dem Arbeitsmarkt stehen und wer Sie dort findet. Ihr Team ist das Herz Ihrer Firma. Gewinnen Sie ihr Interesse mit einem positiven Image und starken Benefits!

Leistungsangebot effektiv kommunizieren

Erreichen Sie Ihre Kunden durch Storytelling und erklären Sie ihnen Ihr Leistungsangebot so, dass sie es verstehen!

Begeistern Sie andere von Ihrer Vision

Überzeugen Sie Investoren, Banken und Geschäftspartner mit mehr als reinen Fakten. Es geht nicht nur darum, wo Sie jetzt stehen, sondern auch darum, wo Sie gemeinsam hinkommen können. Lassen Sie Ihr Potential für sich sprechen!

Alle Leistungen aus einer Hand
Professionelle Unterstützung - von der Analyse bis hin zur Fertigstellung
  • Employer Branding
  • Kundenbindung & Erschließung neuer Märkte
  • Partner Networking
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For us, success means that your online marketing is up and running!

We appreciate the trust our clients place in us. After all, nothing less than the future of your company depends on choosing the right online agency.

Employer Branding
Always stay attractive to the most qualified applicants

You decide where you stand on the job market and who finds you there. Your team is the heart of your company. Win their interest with a positive image and strong benefits!

Communicate service offer effectively

Reach your customers through storytelling and explain your service offering in a way they understand!

Inspire others about your vision

Convince investors, banks and business partners with more than just facts. It's not just about where you are now, but also about where you can get to together. Let your potential speak for itself!

All services from one source
Professional support – from analysis to completion
  • Employer Branding
  • Customer Loyalty & Development of New Markets
  • Partner Networking
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Ulf Nitz

Die analytische Kompetenz und Beratung, die wir gesucht haben

„revision6 hat uns die analytische Kompetenz und Beratung geboten, die wir gesucht haben. Nicht nur eine Website machen, die gut aussieht. Sondern eine Website realisieren, die die Zielgruppe optimal erreicht. Die Zusammenarbeit mit Tobi Huber und seinem Team war zu jedem Zeitpunkt des Projekts angenehm. Super gelaufen! Super Ergebnis!“
Ulf Nitz
International Service Logistics Association e.V.
Christoph Pössnicker

Sehr freundlicher Kontakt und eine professionelle Zusammenarbeit

„Wir durften mit der Agentur eine super Erfahrung machen - sehr freundlicher Erstkontakt und eine professionelle Zusammenarbeit. Nach unserer Anfrage erhielten wir eine schnelle Antwort und sie boten uns alternative und vor allem auch kreative Lösungsansätze mit welchen wir zielgerichtet unser Projekt abwickeln konnten. Sehr weiterzuempfehlen!!“
Christoph Pössnicker
Virtuelle Helden
Prof. Dr. Kurt Stockinger

Die Zusammenarbeit wurde stringent geführt und gut kommuniziert.

„revision6 hat unsere Website auf das nächste Level gehoben. Dabei wurde die Zusammenarbeit stringent geführt und gut kommuniziert.“
Prof. Dr. Kurt Stockinger
ZHAW School of Engineering
Ulf Nitz

The analytical expertise and advice we were looking for

„revision6 provided us with the analytical expertise and advice we were looking for. Not just making a website that looks good. But realizing a website that reaches the target group in the best possible way. Tobi Huber and his team were pleasant to work with at every stage of the project. Super run! Super result!“
Ulf Nitz
International Service Logistics Association e.V.
Prof. Dr. Kurt Stockinger

The collaboration was stringently managed and well communicated.

„revision6 took our website to the next level. In the process, the collaboration was stringently managed and well communicated.“
Prof. Dr. Kurt Stockinger
ZHAW School of Engineering
Christoph Pössnicker

Very friendly contact and professional cooperation

„We had a great experience with the agency - very friendly contact and professional cooperation. After our request we received a quick response and they offered us alternative and above all creative solutions with which we were able to complete our project in a targeted manner. Highly recommended!“
Christoph Pössnicker
Virtuelle Helden


Unsere Leistungen

Our Services

Ein modernes, automatisierbares und pflegeleichtes CMS.
Individuelle Themes, spezielle Plugins? – Machen wir.
Konzept & UX-Design
Die Bedürfnisse Ihrer Zielgruppe stehen im Mittelpunkt.
Reden wir über die Möglichkeiten, wie Ihr Geschäftsmodell mit einer besseren Website profitieren kann.
Internet devices of different size: A laptop, a tablet and a smartphone.
Responsive Webdesign
Konsistente Gestaltung und intuitive Bedienung auf allen Geräten.
Redaktion & Content
Wir schreiben Texte, machen Fotos, Videos und Illustrationen.
Low-Code & No-Code
Flexible Verbindungen und Automatisierung von Geschäftsvorgängen.
Eine feste Ansprech-partnerin, die alle Fäden zusammenführt.
Webflow Development
A modern, automatable and easy to maintain CMS.
WordPress Development
Individual Templates, special Plugins? – We'll do it.
Concept & UX-Design
The needs of your target group are the focus.
Web Design Consulting
Let's talk about how your business model can benefit with a better website.
Internet devices of different size: A laptop, a tablet and a smartphone.
Responsive Webdesign
Consistent design and intuitive operation on all devices.
Editorial & Content
We write texts, make photos, videos and illustrations.
Low-Code & No-Code
Flexible connections and automation of business processes.
Projekt Management
A fixed contact person who keeps everybody informed.

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Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.

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