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Become part of our network and recommend us as a marketing partner.

Why become a Strategic Partner?

We assist businesses looking to attract new customers and employees. By building, optimizing, and promoting websites, we ensure long-term success. Our tailored solutions will make all the difference.

What obligations or risks am I taking on?
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Absolutely none! If no recommendations come from you, there are no consequences.

What effort do I have to put in, and what does revision6 expect from me?
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Our minimum expectation is that you introduce us and establish contact when the situation seems appropriate.
Anything beyond that (finding warm words for us, explaining our approach, advocating for us, actively promoting us, etc.) improves the chance of commission but is entirely up to you. You decide how far you can or want to go in each case.

When and for what is the commission due?
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The commission is due on every invoice paid by our client within 12 months after the referral. This includes any subsequent items that arise during the course of the project.

Do I have to work in a specific industry as a partner?
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No. This offer is also open to individuals who come into close contact with potential clients through other means (social circles, service providers, etc.). The crucial factor is the valuable tip.

How do we get started?
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  1. If we haven't met yet, please get in touch.
  2. We will have a non-binding conversation to determine how well we match.
  3. You provide some framework data that we need for our agreement.
  4. You will receive the agreement from us with a request for signature.
  5. You get started! 😀
”revision6's efforts resulted in increased visibility and positive feedback. The team delivered the project on time and maintained good communication. Their understanding of the client's company and requirements, along with their impressive scope management, were notable.”
Heiner Tappe,
Search Engine Optimization Team Lead

Benefits of a partnership

  • 1
    Opportunity to transform previously valueless information into passive income (10% commission; our projects range 20 – 70 k$)
  • 2
    Indirect expansion of your own range of services; you can simply offer more solutions and increase your relevance.
  • 3
    Expansion of your own horizons: Access to free consultation at any time when it comes to marketing, SEO, and web design questions - just ask.
  • 4
    The security of having a reliable partner who offers genuine individual high-level performance instead of off-the-shelf projects that are simply "pushed through."

Who is a strategic partnership suitable for?

Essentially, anyone – whether consultants, product developers, project managers, etc. as well as individuals – who maintain a foundation of trust with potential clients.

Potential clients are established companies looking to better utilize their potential and presence through marketing, web design, or search engine optimization.

Process - What may a project look like?

  • 1
    You provide us with a tip or directly connect us with a potential client. From here, we take over and inform you about each of the subsequent steps.
  • 2
    After a free and non-binding introductory conversation with the potential client, we present them with solutions for their concerns and an appealing cost estimate.
  • 3
    Once our cost estimate is confirmed, the client will receive an invoice for a deposit. Once this is paid, you will receive the agreed-upon commission. This also applies to any subsequent invoices paid within 12 months (from the tip).

But why?

Recommend us to help your contacts achieve their goals and sustainable success. With our perfect service package - consisting of marketing, SEO, and web design from a one-stop-shop - we enhance the perception of companies, support in acquiring employees and customers, and contribute to the stability of their business future.

How do we tick?

We rely on qualified European professionals who understand their craft and precisely capture the individual needs of our clients. Our services are always customized and not cheap off-the-shelf products.

As a German company, efficient communication, punctuality, and reliability are our second nature. Unlike hard-to-reach solo freelancers or an anonymous mass of low-wage workers, we are always personally available to discuss, understand, and find solutions for our customers' concerns. Customer satisfaction and success are our top priorities.

Reason to believe

With a compelling track record of renowned companies (Sixt SE, Sanacorp, SportScheck, State Capital City of Munich, Panther, Automotive Production, etc.) in various sectors such as production, project development, consulting, healthcare, automotive, and more, we have proven our ability to deliver first-class results. Our references speak for themselves and underscore our expertise.


What is the specific service offering?

We work closely with our clients, discussing their potential customers, their needs, expectations, and mindset, and how to capture them. This forms the basis for all actions, whether it's website development, SEO, or advertising.

Our services always result in tailored solutions; we do not use pre-made templates. Together with the client, we develop a shared understanding of their individual goals through weekly meetings and design the solution accordingly.

For example, when it comes to web design, we establish a visual architecture and structure for the website that provides both parties with planning security. Only when this is established, we proceed with the visual design and then the programming. This incremental approach gives our clients constant reassurance about the progress of things.

Become a part of our network.

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Become part of our network and recommend us as a

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